Aerospace Engines A to Z
Aerospace Engines A to Z

Updated: 12-Aug-2022

CONVERSIONS (automobile motors)


From Appendix A3//6: Throughout this publication we have countless examples of car engines that have been suitably modified for aeronautical use.

-One of the first conversions to be successful was the Ford A (for Pietenpol, etc). Later, until the Volkswagen engines that were also massively adapted, there was certain time with various but specific conversions.

-More modernly, the Subaru, Suzuki and Nissan dominate. We have examples with Suzuki, GeoMetro and Swift (G10, G13, etc).

Geo Metro
“Geo Metro”

More examples of automobile/aviation engines
“More examples of automobile/aviation engines”

Adapted Japanese engines
"And more adapted Japanese engines"

Subaru based conversions
"Subaru based conversions"

-Checking the main text we have quite a few of the specific conversions of car engines and that have been for example, Pontiac, Chevrolet, Panhard, Citroën, Ford, GM, etc.

From Appendix 6: The US Geared Drives company offers Subaru, Ford, Eggenfelger and Chevrolet car engine conversions. They are four, six and eight-cylinder engines.

-The main part of the conversion is the gearbox or PSRU. They are of improved designs that include devices to control torsional vibrations by means of a centrifugal clutch and a set of flying counterweights.

Mechanized gearbox
"Nice mechanized box"

Subaru adaption
“Subaru adaption”

-Perhaps the most interesting adaptation that Geared Drives currently makes is that of the Chevrolet V8 engine with a total displacement of 5.7 l. It's the LS1 model with the 383 Small Block.

Chevrolet with Geared Drives gearbox, fig. 1
Chevrolet with Geared Drives gearbox, fig. 2
"Two views of the Chevrolet LS1 with Geared Drives box"

-For illustrative purposes we put some current brands with the types of engines that they modify and convert, in general applying PSRUs specially built for many engine models.

-Aero Conversions, uses Volkswagen.
-Aero Momentum, the Suzuki G series.
-Airdrone Aeroplanes, Volkswagen.
-Air Trikes, Geo/Suzuki, Honda, BMW, Subaru.
-Atkins Rotary, Wankel Rotary.
.Auto PSRU’s, GM and Subaru gearboxes (formerly Geared
-Auto Flight, Subaru EA, EJ series and others.
-D-Engine, Newly designed FireWallForward.
-EPI Inc., GM, Ford, Jaguar (V12 EPI).
-Firewall Forward, Honda VTEC and GM’s
-Fly Corvair, Chevrolet Corvair
-Fly Eco, Mercedes Benz
-Great Plains A / C Supply, Volkswagen
-Haas Power Air, Ford
-Hexadyne Aviation, newly designed axial
-Hummel Engines, Volkswagen
-Mistral engines, Mazda RX-7
-Pegasus Power, Half Continental O-200
-RAM Performance, Subaru
-Raven Redrives, Suzuki, Geo, Honda
-Revmaster Aviation, Volkswagen
-Prop Drives Inc, Rotary (Wankels), Subaru and others
-Robinson V-8 Power A / C, General Motors
-Strato 2000, Subaru
-Take-Off GmBH, BMW
-Titan Aircraft, A / C, Subaru and Honda
Valley Engineering, V-Twin VW
-Viking A / C Engine, Honda Fit
-Volks Wagen engine Center, VW
etc etc.........

-Most of them have entries in this publication.