Aerospace Engines A to Z
Aerospace Engines A to Z

Updated: 23-Aug-2018



This company made extraordinary test rigs for high-powered piston engines used by German engine manufacturers during WWII.

FAMO test bench
“FAMO test bench”

-It includes also a cockpit with the necessary instruments together with a large electric fan that was placed in front of the engine to simulate its progress as if it were mounted on a plane.

-I could see a FAMO bench that until a few years agoe, still remained in the Spanish INTA in Torrejón de Ardoz (Madrid). A large building for two of these banks.

-According to what they told me, in the 1940's, it was a "gift" from Hitler to Franco. During the visit I made with a group of people, the area was in an environment of regrettable abandonment. It was said that they were going to the scrap dealer soon. Sad.

Drawing of a FAMO bank with a DB-601 engine
"Drawing of a FAMO bank with a DB-601"

-In the above artistic drawing by Walter Gotsche (PeT) we even see the cockpit.

-In the former photo there is a window in the wall where the control room is supposed to be. This was the case at the Henschel factory.