Aerospace Engines A to Z
Aerospace Engines A to Z

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TítuloAutor / EditorialIdiomaAño
Activity report: april 1969Jet Pionners AUSAEnglish
Aero-engine production in the Third ReichH.J. Braun.English
Archivo personal de J.J. Maluquer, Museo de Terrassa MNACTEC (BCN)VariousSpanish
Archivo personal de Wifredo Ricard, Museo de Terrassa MNACTEC (BCN)VariousSpanish
Aviluppo del motore d’aviazione di grande potenzaRivista AeronauticaItalian1938
C. Roger Cripliver papaer, 1921.2007 y 1930-1996.CR CripliverEnglish
Caracteristicas de los modernos motores de aviacionUnknownSpanish1945
Catalogo Motori del Musei de l’Aeronautica Militare ItalianaVigna di ValleItalian
Correspondence and diaries of Jesse G. Vincent, 1921- 1962.J.G. Vincent.English
Delivered before the American Philosophical Society, May 7, 1909A.G. Bell.English
El Vuelo SupersónicoAlfonso MirSpanish1947.
George Jackson Mead papers 1920-71G.J. MeadEnglish
Henry and Wilfred Leland collection 1910-1953H., W., O., LelandEnglish
Henry Austin Clark Jr. photograph collection, 1853- 1988.H.A. Clark Jr.English
Jack Northrop and the UFO-lookin’ flying wingsA.S. TheitelEnglish
Lammot Du Pont Jr. aeronautics collection 1783-1944L. Du PontEnglish
Le moteur d’aviation a piston nèst pas mort.Unknownn/d1962
Logan Aviation catalogueLogan AviationEnglish
Maybach’s world first in aircrat enginesH. Weishaupt, W BollerEnglish
Mensile municipale “Torino” no9UnknownItalian1937
Moteurs d’Aviation,UnknownFrench
Oral history interview with K BlissUnknownEnglish2002.
Oral history interview with S S StuckzynskiUnknownEnglish1999,
Papers of Charles Brady King, 1894-1951C.B. King, F.J. Haynes, O.E. Barthel; D. Beecroft, Henry Ford.English
Papers of John G Perrin, 1884-1967J.G. PerrinEnglish
Papers, 1912-1990Charles F. TaylorEnglish
Papers, 1920-1970H.B. DupontEnglish
Papers, 1928-1988J.H. GeisseEnglish
Papers, 1940-1943S.S. Miss.English
Popular Mechanics, Consultas de referenciaUnknownEnglish
Popular Science, Consultas de referenciaUnknownEnglish
Records, 1818-1977P.A. Frasse and varousEnglish
Records, 1910-1970Sperry Corp.English
Research files, ca 1900-1990Cradle Av. MuseumEnglish
Small accessions collection 1812-1984UnknownEnglish
To destroy our teutonic foes: the Lincoln Motor company and the manufacture of the Liberty aircraft motorM. TierneyEnglish
Torque-Meter: Journal of the Aircraft Engine Historical SocietyAEHSEnglish
Trans World Airlines records, 1929-1982TWAEnglish
Travel and TechnologyCredo Ref.English