Aerospace Engines A to Z
Aerospace Engines A to Z

Updated: 27-Jan-2020



The Orlando Helicopter Airways coupled four electric motors to the transmission of a Sikorsky S-58 helicopter. Delivering 300 hp in short periods of time. The test was made in the early 1980's.

Sikorsky eléctrico
"Electric Sikorsky"

Pack de motores eléctricos
"Pack of electric motors"

-Thanks to new lithium-ion batteries, the opportunities to propel light aircraft with electric motors are thriving. This technology has come a long way in the last ten years.

Conjunto motor y baterias en un Sonerai
"Set of engine and batteries on a Sonerai"

-In the picture we can see the big box of batteries and the relatively small electric motor for driving the propeller.

From Appendix 6: Battery Electric Power Pack: Int’l. They continue the studies and tests of electric propulsion. Periodically there appear new projects and equipment advancing in this direction.

-Now we have to a motorized paraglider like in the following picture. No doubt there are more efficient engines, but the new batteries will be the solution.

Motor eléctrico, reductora y bateria
"Electric motor, gear and battery"

-The new engines without brushes, are also tested for obtaining maximum results, like the one below intended for Sonex aircraft.

Ensayo del motor eléctrico de Sonex
"Test with the electric moto on the Sonexr"

-The development of new engines also entails designing new speed controllers that adapt new batteries with new engines.

-Motors without brushes, like these of Advanced Aviation Technology, need adaptable controllers according to the use of NiCd/NiMh or Lithio Polymer batteries.

-And that they are easily adjustable to each case.

Electric motors, together with propeller hub
"Electric motors, together with propeller hub"

-It appears that in the early twenty-first century electric aviation engine technology has waked up.

-Of course, it has been because of the availability of new and powerful batteries.

-Especially hydrogen/air (see) or fuel cells.

-Also, and so far only small aircraft, most are trials (see Boeing Aerospace).

Propulsión del Electro Flyer C
"Electro Flyer C propulsion"