Aerospace Engines A to Z
Aerospace Engines A to Z

Updated: 16-Nov-2021



In the year 1900, C. Regnard de Montelimar (southern France), presents an "upward propulsion system".

-An unidentified engine, drives a fan at each end of its crankshaft.

Upward propulsion system
"Upward propulsion system"

-The two end rotors have blades around them like some modern fans and a 180° arc of the periphery is covered with a semicircular cover.

-See Kirsten too.

From Appendix 6: The application of Regnard's principle has been developed on multiple occasions in many countries.

Two more examples:

Example 1 of this upward propulsion
Example 2 of this upward propulsion
"Examples of this propulsion system"

Model: Moto-compresor (ascensional)