Aerospace Engines A to Z
Aerospace Engines A to Z

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Engines in north east Spain (Catalonia)

List of Engines in the N-E


Aerospace engines in the north-east of Spain

List of localized engines


Index by Museums, Institutions, Clubs, Private collections, etc.
(Engines out of aircraft)

(Author's note: Where is indicated "Missing", is referred to loss of tracks because a sneak thief or a few people dedicated to dispossession have taken advantage of confused situations).

-MNACTEC.- (Terrassa):
--Elizalde Lorraine
--Elizalde Beta
--Elizalde Sirio
--RR Merlin
--SAN V-6 (stock)
--Allison 250 (stock)
--Hispano Suiza V-12 Y
--Pulso Casanova
--Documentation (J. Maluquer and W. Ricart)

-MNACTEC.- (Museu Claret, Girona):
--V12 (M-100 ó H-S V12) = Is Avia.
--Remainders Bristol Pegasus

-FPAC (Fundació Parc Aeronautic de Catalunya): (SBD)
--Bristol Hercules
--Elizalde Tigre (4)
--Elizalde M-21 (3+1 mutilado)
--PW R-1820
--Lycomings (2)
--Continental (2)
--DH Gipsy Six
--PW R-1340

-Escola “Illa dels Banyols”: (Prat del LL.)
--JT9D (IB) + another at the El Prat Town house.
--Lycomings (8 various, one on a bench)
--Turbomeca Astazou
--Elizalde Tigre
--PW R-2000 (Caribou)
--Elizalde M-21 (4)
--Allison 250
--Garrett TPE-231
--Honeywell TFE-731
--GE Aft-Fan (+ one rotor)

-Escola “La Paperera”: (Vilanova i la G.)
--JT9D (IB)
--Garrett APU
--GE Aft-Fan (Coronado)
--Bristol Viper (x2)
--M-21 seccionado (+ one in pieces)
--Elizalde Tigre
--Lycoming Hor. Opp.

-Centre Aeri: (Vilanova i la G.)
--To be indexed during next visit.

-Escola Enginyers Aeronautics.: (Castelldefels)

-Escola Enginyers Aeronautics.: (Terrassa)

-Ajuntament del Prat del LL.:
--JT9D (IB)

-RMV / L’Aeroteca: (Particular, BCN)
--Lycoming O-540 (x2)
--Sección Elizalde Beta (Dep. en La Sénia)
--Citroën 2CV (semi-prep.)
--Tigre Elizalde, demo del Centenario.

-ESA: (Particular, Vidreres, GI) (E.SAM)
--Elizalde Tigre
--Elizalde M-21

-J.M. Chicharro: (Figueres, GI)
--DH Gipsy Major (2-3)

-CIH de La Sénia.: (Tarragona)
--Section Elizalde Beta (Deposit from L'Aeroteca)
--Remainders of a DB-601 (Me-109 del Prat)
--M-62 Shvetsov

-Talleres Seravia # 1: (SBD)
--Selection of 5-6 various old engines (They disappeared while they were stored in the "compressor room").
(Ranger / Jacobs / Blackburn-Cirrus / De Havilland Six

-Talleres de TAF.: (SBD)
-Various turbines, in turn.

-Talleres CEFAC.: (SBD y Terrassa)
--Various Lycoming y Continental in rep.

-Talleres Gavina.: (SBD)
--Piston and turbine engines in turn.

-ENMASA/Elizalde.: (San Andrés)
--Semicircle of their engine range in the lobby
(Late sixties). Missing. ¿Inta, Mae, ITP?

-Talleres Futurhangars.: (SBD)
-Piston and turbine engines in turn

-Talleres Link .: (SBD)
-Piston engines in turn

-Talleres Top-Fly.: (SBD)
-Various Lycoming/Cont. Closure.

-Talleres Tadair.: (SBD)
--Various GE  Coronado. In turn Lyc/Cont piston.

-Talleres MC SL.: (SBD / Prat)
--Closure. (see RMV)

-DUC.: Classic aircraft and engines. (SBD)

-SUMAER.-(Manolo S. Damians. (SBD)
--Aubier-Dunne, two-cylinder (Missing).
--Radial, inline, horizontally opposed engines and documentation (Missing)

-ROSIQUE Aircraft. (Clasicos Rosique): (Reus/Tarragona)
--Elizalde Tigre (various)
--Elizalde M-21 (various)
--Cont. y Lyc. various.
--2 PW Radials, etc. (from Caribou)

--Various Cont. y Lyc., en rotación.

-AC Reus.: (Tarragona)

-AC Lleida.: (Lleida)

-AC Girona.: (Girona)
--Without activity.

-AC Ampuriabrava y Centro Paracaidismo.: (Girona)

-AC Seo d’Urgell.: (Lleida)

-AC Cerdanya.: (Lleida)

-AC Igualada.: (BCN)
--ULM engines from different brands

-Aerodrom de Manresa: (Pujol Muntalá)

-Aerodrom Bages-Manresa.: (BCN)
--Various ULM engines.
--Mosler (VW) To be installed.

-Aerodrom de Pals.: (Girona)
--Various ULM engines.

-Aerodrom de Avinyonet.: (Vilafranca P.)
--Various ULM engines.

-Fundació Elizalde.: (BCN)

-Fundació Hispano-Suiza.: (BCN-Peralada, GI)

-EAE: (Assoc. Escuela Aprendices Elizalde)
--Documentation. (BCN)


-AEHS.: (Associació d’Estudis Histórics de l’Automoció-
Antics empleats de la HS/Pegaso/Enasa/Iveco)

--Ariane y Soyuz scale models (They make the real software for Ariane and Soyuz launches in Frenchy Guayana).

-AENA.: El Prat Interpretation Centre (BCN)
--Aircraft and Anzani scale models 1:1. (Dummies)

-HS-PEGASO / Iveco.: (Zona Franca, BCN)
--13 engines from HS-Pegasus-Enasa's chronological history that are considered historical heritage in Barcelona.
Several are missing, (especially the H-S 12Z-89 and a V8), which are reported.
Collection shattered.
--(Exit of Engines, Technical Media and Documentation, first to Madrid and then Salamanca City or Alba de Tormes and/or Galicia). Iveco Expolio Foundation: Delivery by delivery they should have chosen BCN, for all reasons.

Particular, Mataró-BCN).
--More than 100 miniature industrial steam engines, boats, traction engines, public works, locomotives, etc.
(Incl. Cars and motorcycles running on benzine)
--Aviation engine scale models at 1/3, 1/4 y 1/5. And running.:
---Curtiss OX-5
---Bentley BR.2
---RR Merlin
---DH Gipsy
---Morton radial 5
---Rotativo Gnome
---Bristol Aquila
---Radial D. Row Morton 14
---Bristol Hydra
---Rotativo Le-Rhone
---Wasp Junior
---Anzani 3 cils.
---Blackburn Cirrus
---Bristol Jaguar
--Aviation engine models at real size.:
---Le-Rhone 6 cils. para dirigibles
---Marboré II (M-21)
---Marboré II (Rojo)
---HS-V8 (Aries)
---RR Gnome
---Rotativo Clerget
---Rotativo Gnome
---Rotativo Le-Rhone
---Salmson 9 cils. peq.
---Salmson 9 cils. grande
---Anzani 6
---Praga D
---Jacobs radial
---PZL-Wright J-5
---Bristol Hercules
---Bristol Centaurus
---DH Gipsy Six
---Renault 6 cils. inv.
---Renault 4 cils. sobrealim.
---Continental IO-520
---Lycoming IO-541
---P&W R-2800
---Enmasa/Elizalde Beta
---Elizalde Beta seccionado
---Elizalde Sirio
---Enmasa/Elizalde Sirio
---Radial 5 cils.
---Elizalde Tigre
---Elizalde M-21
---Hispano Suiza V12Y
---Hispano Suiza V12Z-89
---RR Griffon
---RR Dart
---Turbomeca Bastan
---Turbomeca Astazou (2)
---Atar 101E
---Atar 9C
---Cohete Stentor
---Phobos scale model
---Ariane 5 “Ciutat de Barcelona” scale model
---Matras (aprox 6) Aire Superfi cie, Aire-Aire
---Sonda BAJ
---Aerospatiale ANS (scale model from original)

-GARATGE TERRAMAR.-Castellbisbal.
--Wolseley V8 (?) (Hispano Suiza Lic.)

-MONGE. (Sant Pere de Arquells = Particular)
-Russian turbojet Collection.


Motor Hispano-Suiza V-8

Hispano-Suiza V-8 engine
-La Sagrera factory-

At the end of 1914 they put the first pen stroke on paper on the design board for the famous V8 engine, by Swiss engineer Marc Birkigt. It did its first rotation in 1915.

-2015 is the year of CENTENARY-

(2nd Prototype 8 cylinder fins at the reserve storage in Dugny, France)

Motor Tigre de la Empresa Elizalde SA

Tiger engine from Elizalde SA
-Automobile and Aviation Engine Factory

Celebrating the factory's founding centenary 1913/14-2014 when the first Type-11 car circulated through the city streets.

(Memorial display at the Aeronautic Bookshop L'Aeroteca)

-Former Factory employees come to see it, some of them kissed it, others say that is a "Tiger Statue" and others say, before coming to L'Aeroteca, they are going to see the "Tiger's Pantheon" ...






S.A. Nagliatti, V-5
"S.A. Nagliatti, V-5"

Elizalde, licencia Lorraine
"Elizalde, Lorraine license"

Rolls-Royce, Merlin
"Rolls-Royce, Merlin"

Elizalde, Beta
"Elizalde, Beta"

Pulsoreactor Casanova
"Casanova pulsejet"

Hispano Suiza, V-12
"Hispano Suiza, V-12"

Elizalde, Sirio
"Elizalde, Sirio"


FPAC, Fund. Parc Aeronautic de Catalunya.

Bristol Hercules
"Bristol Hercules"

Citroën, 2CV
“Citroen, 2CV” (instead of Aubier Dunné)

General Electric J-47
“General Electric J-47”

Pratt & Whitney, R-1340
"Pratt & Whitney, R-1340"

Elizalde Tigre fig1

Elizalde Tigre fig2

Elizalde Tigre fig3
“Three Elizalde Tigres”

Elizalde Tigre fig4

Elizalde Tigre fig5

Elizalde Tigre fig6
“Three more Tigres”

Elizalde Tigre acrobatico
“And another Tigre -acrobatic-”

PW, R-1820
(Belongs to the C-47 whose cockpit is exhibited at L’Aeroteca)

DH Gipsy Six
"DH Gipsy Six"

Elizalde M-21 -Marboré II-
"Elizalde M-21 -Marboré II-"

Elizalde M-21
"Two more Elizalde M-21"

Un M-21 y un Tigre al fondo
"A M-21 with a Tigre on the background"

Bateria de dos Continental A-65
"Two-Continental A-65 row"

Lycoming GSIO-480
"Lycoming GSIO-480"

Un M-21 más completo
"A more complete M-21"

Rotax ULM

Cuyuna ULM
“Two ULM: Rotax y Cuyuna“

Continental de Mentor
"Mentor Continental"

Elizalde M-21, mutilado
"Elizalde M-21, mutilated"


RMV / L’Aeroteca

Citroën 2 CV, semi-avionizado

Citroën 2 CV, semi-avionizado fig2
“Citroën 2 CV, half aicraft-adapted”

Lycoming O-540, de su EC-FIP
"Lycoming O-540, from his EC-FIP"

Sección del Elizalde Beta (Dep. en La Sénia)
"Sectionized Elizalde Beta (Deposit at La Sénia)"

Elizalde Tigre G-IV
"Elizalde Tigre G-IV"

Motor Lycoming O-540

Motor Lycoming O-540
“Motor Lycoming O-540”


(Vilanova i la G.)

GE, Aft-Fan de Coronado
"Coronado GE, Aft-Fan"


Lycoming T-53 y caja engranajes
"Lycoming T-53 and gear"

Elizalde M-21, bien seccionado + otro des piezado en estanterias
"Elizalde M-21, well sectionized + another one broken up on the shelves"

Dos AS Viper
"Two AS Viper"

Elizalde Tigre
"Elizalde Tigre"

APP de Garrett
"APP de Garrett"

Elizalde Tigre
“Elizalde Tigre” (see above)

Rotax serie 900
"Rotax serie 900"


Escuela de Ing. Aeronauticos.:



Escuela de Ing. Aeronauticos.:

J-79 de un Phantom
"J-79 from a Phantom"


H-S-Pegaso / Iveco.
(Zona Franca -BCN)

Motor de aviación DESAPARECIDO a finales del 2010
"MISSING aircraft engine at end of 2010"

H-S V8 en el vestibulo de IVECO en Barajas. Motor hecho en BCN
"H-S V8 in the lobby of IVECO in Barajas.
Engine made in BCN"


Aerodromo de Bages/Manresa

Mosler-HAPI, previo a su instalación
"Mosler-HAPI, prior to installation"


CIH de La Sénia


Sección del Elizalde Beta (Deposito de la Aeroteca)
"Sectionized Elizalde Beta” (Deposit from L'Aeroteca)

Restos del DB-600 - fig1

Restos del DB-600 - fig2
“Remainders of a DB-600” (Me-109 from El Prat)


(Aeropuerto del Prat) (PAC)

Centro de Interpretación del Aeropuerto
"Airport Interpretation Center"

Maqueta de motor del Flyer
"Scale model of the Flyer's engine"

Maqueta del motor del Bleriot de Mamet
"Scale model of Mamet's Bleriot"


Col.lecció de “Enginys Mecanics” Josep


Motores industriales a vapor fig1

Motores industriales a vapor fig2

Motores industriales a vapor fig3
“Part of the Industrial Steam section"

Sección de Locomóviles, apisonadoras, etc
"Traction engine and steam-roller section"

Parte de la sección de ferrocarriles
"Part of the railway section"

Demo original de la ‘Mataró’
"Model of the original ‘Mataró’"

Máquina de vapor de un Show-Boat del rio Hudson
"Steam engine from a Hudson River Show-Boat"

Maquina de vapor de un destructor inglés WWI
"Steam engine of an English destroyer from WWI"

Compound de triple acción
"Triple action Compound"

Parte de la sección de automoción
"Part of the automotive section"

Miniatura del DB-601E, con cañón
"DB-601E miniature with cannon"

Miniatura del DB-603
"DB-603 miniature"

Miniatura del RR-Merlin
"RR-Merlin miniature"

Miniatura del Gipsy I y del Morton 14
"Gipsy-I and Morton-14 miniatures"

Miniaturas Gnome y OX-5
"Gnome and OX-5 miniatures"

Miniatura Bristol Aquila
"Bristol Aquila miniature"

Miniatura Bristol Jaguar
"Bristol Jaguar miniature"

Miniatura Bristol Hydra
"Bristol Hydra miniature"

Miniatura del Bentley BR.2
"Bentley BR.2 miniature"

Miniatura del Le-Rhone
"Le-Rhone miniature"

Miniaturas de los Anzani y Wasp Junior
"Anzani and Wasp-Junior miniatures"

Miniatura del Blackburn Cirrus
"Blackburn Cirrus miniature"

-Miniaturas a 1/4 y 1/5-

Author's note: All miniature engines run on gas or gasoline. They were showed for the first time in 2003 (anniversary of the Flyer's first controlled flight) when they held an exhibition at Caixa Laietana's Cultural Center in Mataro.

-A second presentation was made at the 2005 Forum in Barcelona. Miniatures and real engines were exhibited.

-The third one at the Caixa Laietana's new Cultural Center in 2010-11. Both groups, miniatures and real engines, were exposed.

-Another exhibition where miniatures were showed, was held at the Safran Museum in Villaroche (France) in October 2011.

Mataró 2010-11
"Mataró 2010-11"

Aspecto de Safran en 2011
"View of the Safran in 2011"

Parte de una Sala del CC de Caixa Layetana en 2010-11 con motores reales
"Part of a hall at the Caixa Layetana's Cultural Center in
2010-11 with real engines"

-The main attraction of Joseph Castellsaguer's "Col.lecció d’Enginys Mecanics" is a number of real engines, some of them in perfect condition and others in the reserve storage.

-Some of them we can see below:

Grupo de Renault, Gnome, Marboré II y H-S V-8
"Groupe of Renault, Gnome, Marboré II y H-S

Renault de dirigibles
"Renault for airships"

Hispano-Suiza V-8
“Hispano-Suiza V-8” (Aries)

Gnome de DH/Bristol/RR
"Gnome from DH/Bristol/RR"

Turbomeca Marboré II
"Turbomeca Marboré II"

Otro Marboré
"Another Marboré"

Rotativo Clerget
"Clerget rotary"

Rotativo Le-Rhone
"Le-Rhone rotary"

Rotativo Gnome-Rhone
"Gnome-Rhone rotary"


Anzani 6
"Anzani 6"

Praga D
"Praga D"


PZL-Wright J-5
"PZL-Wright J-5"

Bristol Hercules
"Bristol Hercules"

Bristol Centaurus
"Bristol Centaurus"

DH Gipsy Six
"DH Gipsy Six"


Continental IO-520
"Continental IO-520"

Lycoming IO-541
"Lycoming IO-541"

Renault sobrealimentado
"Supercharged Renault"

P&W R-2800
“P&W R-2800” (LH)



Elizalde Beta, seccionado
"Sectionized Elizalde Beta"

Elizalde-Enma Beta, completo
"Elizalde-Enma Beta, complete"

Elizalde Sirio fig1

Elizalde Sirio fig2
“Two Elizalde Sirios”

(Picture not available)

Not confirmed “Elizalde Tigre”

(Picture not available)

Not confirmed “Elizalde M-21”

Radial 5 cils., Lambert
"5-cylinder radial, Lambert"

Hispano-Suiza V-12Y
"Hispano-Suiza V-12Y"

Hispano-Suiza V-12Z-89
"Hispano-Suiza V-12Z-89"



Turbomeca Bastan
"Turbomeca Bastan"

Turbomecas Astazou fig1

Turbomecas Astazou fig2
“Turbomecas Astazou”

Double-Mamba fig1

Double-Mamba fig2

Hispano-Suiza 105
"Hispano-Suiza 105"

Atar 101E
"Atar 101E"

Atar 9C
"Atar 9C"

Radial Salmson
"Salmson radial"

Bristol Stentor fig1

Bristol Stentor fig2
"Bristol Stentor"

Motores de maniobra del Phobos, maqueta
"Maneouvring engines from Phobos, model"

Ariane 5, ‘Ciutat de Barcelona’ fig1

Ariane 5, ‘Ciutat de Barcelona’ fig2
"Ariane 5, ‘Ciutat de Barcelona’"

Starter Noelle 60
"Noelle 60 Starter"

Maqueta original ANS
"Original ANS scale model"

Espacio motor y timoneria de misil
"Space for missile engine and rudder"

Misiles Matra
"Matra missiles"

Misiles Matra
“The same as above”

Cohete sonda BAJ
"BAJ sounding rocket"

Matras para intercambios
"Matras for exchanges"

Very Important Note: Due to the prolonged "economic-confidence" crisis and also to the lack of local stimulation to do something important with this "Enginys mecanics" collection in Mataro, the owner is starting to dismantle it. There is a shortage of very interesting proposals.

-Hopelessness has come very significantly because of lack of interest from the local council that, disposing of several magnificent empty outbuildings, for a more or less justified fear, does not allow their use for a temporary or permanent exhibition of this irreplaceable material. I know that J. Castellsaguer has no economic or any other kind of interest in this proposal.

-'A big shame. We'll have to go to Turkey or Australia to see these aircraft engines again. We still have the consolation of seeing the pictures in this chapter of my A-Z edition.

-Note written in the 4th quarter of 2013.


-During the "Festa del Cel" (Sky festival) on September 28th 2014 that was held on a rainy day in Mataro (BCN) Mr. J.C. has had an exhibition at the City's Cultural Center "Can Marfat" The exhibition occupied an entire floor, still with a great part of his material. Thank goodness, congratulations!!



Escuela “Illa de Banyuls”
(Prat del LL.)


P&W, R-2000
"P&W, R-2000"

Rotax 912
"Rotax 912"

Elizalde Tigre
"Elizalde Tigre"

P&W, de DHC Caribou
"P&W, from DHC Caribou"

GE, Aft-Fan
"GE, Aft-Fan"

Honeywell TFE-731
"Honeywell TFE-731"

Honeywell TFE-731 en el Forum

Garrett/AiResearch TPE-231
"Garrett/AiResearch TPE-231"

Banco con Lycoming
"Lycoming on a bench"

Lycoming+hélice Cub en el Forum
"The same Lycoming with Cub propeller at the Forum"

Surtido de Lycomings para prácticas
"Selection of Lycomings for practicing"

Turbomeca Astazou
"Turbomeca Astazou"

Elizalde M-21
"Elizalde M-21"

Dos Elizalde M-21
"Two Elizalde M-21s"

M-21 para prácticas arranques
"M-21 for starting practices"

Allison 250
"Allison 250"

JT9D procedente del Ayuntamiento del Prat
“Rotor, chambers and after-fan GE”

JT9D procedente del Ayuntamiento del Prat
"JT9D from the El Prat municipality"

Turbomeca Marboré II, seccionado
"Turbomeca Marboré II, sectionized"


MNACTEC. Museu-Claret

Restos de Bristol Pegasus rescatado del mar
"Remains of a Bristol Pegasus rescued from the sea"

AVIA-Hispano-Suiza -ó M-100-, 12 V
"AVIA-Hispano-Suiza -or M-100-, 12 V"


Castellbisbal (BCN)

V-8 -quizá no sea Wolseley-
"V-8 -Maybe it is not a Wolseley-"


Sant Pere dels Arquells (Lleida)

Shvetsov Sh-62
"Shvetsov Sh-62"

Klimov VK-1
"Klimov VK-1"

Restos Junkers Jumo 211
"Remains of a Junkers Jumo 211"


Colecció Tallers XXXXX

--VK-1 complete with nozzle
--AI-14 Shvetsov


Colecció privada (Private collection) de ESA

Elizalde M-21
"Elizalde M-21"

(Picture to be found)

“Elizalde Tigre”



Pratt & Whitney de Caribou

Pratt & Whitney de Caribou fig2
“Two Pratt & Whitney from Caribou”

Continental C-90
"Continental C-90"

Continental C-90 fig2
“Another Continental C-90”

Continental C-90 fig3
“And another Continental C-90”

Elizalde Tigre IV
"Elizalde Tigre IV"