Aerospace Engines A to Z
Aerospace Engines A to Z

Updated: 14-Feb-2018



Currently Delco is known as the component that generates the spark current through a synchronized break and then distributes it to the corresponding cylinder.

-It is powered by a battery and the current rises through a coil, outside the "Delco" itself.

-We have seen this in surface vehicles such as cars, trucks, boats, etc.

-In aviation, except for some sporadic cases, ignition by Delco takes place in a somewhat different way.

-Instead of a battery, a dynamo was installed on the engine.

-This in turn requires a voltage regulator.

-For safety there is a small battery of about 8 Volts in parallel with the generator.

-On top of the cylinders and taking advantage of the cam shaft, which is already rotating at the right speed, there are distributors with their breakers, including a voltage booster.

-And there is a switch in the cockpit controlled by the pilot.

-Below we see some generators in important examples of top brand engines.

Lorraine-Dietrich, with Delco system
"Lorraine-Dietrich, with Delco"

-Very similar is the assembly of the American Liberty engine. With an almost identical layout compared to the above mentioned Lorraine engine.

American Liberty engine with Delco
"American Liberty engine with Delco"

-The components are identically identified with the letters G and D like the previous example.

The 24-cylinder Lorraine-Dietrich engine
“The 24-cylinder Lorraine-Dietrich engine”

-This engine requires two spark-generators (G) and four distributors (D).

-Observe the beautiful support with the "Cross of Lorraine" (Croix de Lorraine) signs on its structure.