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«L’Aeroteca -Llibreria Aeronáutica Miguel Creus»

Ricardo Miguel
Lola Creus

Founder: Marc Miguel Creus

“Founders of the World's Best Aviation Bookstore”.

Since 1986.

Ricardo y Lola

Jordi Miguel Creus

Technical Director:
Marcel Miguel Creus
(“Best Boy”)

-On October 14th, 2003, within a commemorating event of 100th anniversary of the Wright Brothers' first flight with the Flyer (1903). The "Flyer" award was presented during the celebration of "Nit de L'Aviació" (Aviation night) in the Marques de Comillas Hall of the Royal Shipyards in Barcelona.

-Mr. Jordi Pujol, President of the Generalitat of Catalonia awards the 2003 Flyer Prize to:

D.Ricardo Miguel Vidal


-Among the prizes awarded to organizations, institutions, companies and professionals, the one for the "Best Professional Aeronautical Career" was awarded to the author of this publication..

-In the Official Congressional Record of Defense BOD No. 4, page 271, it is mentioned that the Cross of Aeronautical Merit with White Distinction is granted to Mr. Ricardo Miguel Vidal, for his 49-year career dedicated to aircraft maintenance and spreading of aeronautical culture through the Aeronautical Bookshop, Libreria L'Aeroteca in Barcelona, with the invaluable help of his wife Lola and sons Marc, Jordi and Marcel. This publication is referred to as a "Monumental Work".

On February 9th, 2007 takes place the presentation of the mentioned Aeronautical Merit Cross a

D. Ricardo Miguel Vidal

in the Hall of Honor at the Air Force Headquarters in Madrid.
The presentation was carried out by Lt. General Chief of Staff of the Air Force, Hon. D. Francisco Garcia de la Vega, and in the presence of other authorities, other award-winners and family.