Aerospace Engines A to Z
Aerospace Engines A to Z

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Presentation for the 2016-V10 edition

(Includes all previous versions and Appendices)

The 2003 edition was published in parts that were filed in binders by the reader during the edition's partial collection. These binders  (2, 3, 4 rings, etc.) were wide or narrow and the color was on the client's request. It was delivered in groups of single-side printed sheets (2003 edition), to include in binders. Each sheet was replaceable in case there appeared a new extended or corrected sheet in the future. This ring system admitted new pages with additional information.
With the 2003 edition came a sheet with stickers to identify cover and spine of each provisional volume. The final covers were made of metal, and were delivered with the 4th volume. These metal covers also came with the complete publication as from 2005.

The full- and partial publications are legally protected and a special GREEN ink stamp is used to identify the originals. ONLY READERS THAT HAVE AN ORIGINAL COPY ARE ATTENDED.

The 2003 edition was limited to less than 60 copies, and has the intrinsic value of being the original version with its 11 revisions/extensions. It was accompanied by 36 metal engine miniatures, very worthy.

The 2006/8 Edition has metal covers and is duplex printed on 80 gr. paper and it is only available in Spanish. There also was an economic version without engine miniatures. The same for the integrated 2008-9 version, known as "Super" Edition, with 7 appendices.

-The 2012/13-v8 editions of this document are identical to the previous version together with its appendices, and supplements. They are only in Spanish but there are plans for a future English version. New title: "Los Motores Aeroespaciales, A-Z" and "The Aerospace Engines, A-Z 'as a subtitle.

-The 2012-v7 and 2012/13-v8 editions have illustrations that are from 5% to 20% larger in size.

The 2014/15 V9 version has 4650 pages. The V10 2016 version is in progress.

Sponsored by L ́AEROTECA. Rights transferred.
Title: El Motor de Aviación. De la A a la Z, (Copyright) y «The Aerospace Engines, A-Z», (Pend.).
Author: Ricardo Miguel Vidal

Volume /Part 1 - ISBN 84-89238-07-3 Reserved (2003)
Volume /Part 2 - ISBN 84-89238-08-1 Reserved (2003)
Volume /Part 3 - ISBN 84-89238-09-X Reserved (2003)
Volume /Part 4 - ISBN 84-89238-10-3 Reserved (2003)
Version 5, Volumes 1 to 4 with metal cover (complete work, 2003) -  ISBN 84-89238-11-4 Reserved. (1st edition. Spanish) with 11 appendices.
Version 6 with metal cover (complete work, 2006-8)-ISBN 978-84-89238-12-1 Reserved. (2nd edition Spanish) with 7 appendices.
Version 6 with metal cover (complete work, 2008-9)-ISBN 978-84-612-7902-9 Definitive ( «Super» Edition, Spanish)
Appendices I, II, III, IV, V, VI, VII, F-4 and UFEs (Unidentified Flying Engines), with Annexes and Selections extracted from the 2008/9 edition. ISBN 978-84-612-7903-6. (During 2010-2011).
Version 7, paper with metal cover (2012 ) (3th edition Spanish). (Title: Los Motores Aeroespaciales, A-Z / The Aerospace Engines, A-Z). Includes Volume 6 and all its appendices, inserted. ISBN 978-84-612-XXXX-X.
Versions 7 and 8 are available in paper, e-book, CD, Pen-Drive and PDF (Complete in Spanish). ISBN 978-84-612-XXXX-X.
Version 9, 2014/15 has an increased amount of brands and new models in its index. The same applies to the pending 2016 V10 version (XXXX-X). The 2014/15-V9 and 2016-V10 are only available on CD.

Digital collation and English translation by Theodorus C. F. Henneman. (B edition, in progress).
Photographs: Voigtlander Vito C/ Zenith E / Olympus Pen/ Polaroid / SONY Digital Camara Mavica / Pentax Optio
M30 / Pentax Optio E20 / Samsung ES-70 / Olympus SP-810UZ / Samsung WB1100F /
Printing: Ricoh Aficio CL7200. Printed at L’Aeroteca. Years: 2003 / 7 / 8 and 9 / 10, 11, 12-v7, 12/13-v8. The 14/15
9th version and the 10th 2016 version, are only available on CD (Legal Deposit : B-53510-2008).
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