Aerospace Engines A to Z
Aerospace Engines A to Z

Last update: November 20th 2019 at 19:56

Website introduction

How the website started
  One day having coffee at an establishment in Sitges, Ricardo Miguel Vidal and Theo Henneman agreed to build a web site that would bring all the information from the book "The Aerospace Engines, from A to Z" to the General Public. They also decided to do it in two languages, Spanish and English. Theo Henneman will be responsible for the construction of the site and the translation into English under the supervision of the author of the immense work, Ricardo Miguel Vidal. It is a colossal job of introducing and translating information from the almost 6,000 pages of the book. Here we don't talk about weeks or months, but about years of work. And all this with the illusion of making all this aeronautical information available to everyone.

  With this website we would like to disseminate all the information of aerospace engines since the beginning of the history of aviation throughout the world. This website is based on the tenth edition of the book "The Aerospace Engines, from A to Z" by Ricardo Miguel Vidal.

Additional Information
  We wanted this website to be faithful to the book and we have sought a presentation style for this purpose.
Most of the photographs are in black and white because they come directly from the original book where there were no color pictures. Bit by bit, more current color photos will be introduced.