Aerospace Engines A to Z
Aerospace Engines A to Z

Updated: 07-Nov-2023

It seems that the small “Noelle-60” turbine starter motor has its roots in the studies carried out at SEMCA.

-With infinite starts and using the plane's fuel, it was initially prepared for the Atar-9C on the Mirage III, Vautour, etc.


-Its production, as we have seen, was carried out by the Microturbo company. In the above image we have an exploded view, and in general we see that its shape is truncated-conical and fits perfectly in the front hub of this type of turbojet.

-On the far left of the figure we see the Artus electric starter motor, immediately the air intake of the active single-sided centrifugal compressor and the annular and reverse combustion chamber.

-The first turbine is for the compressor and the second is free having an important reduction gear and at the far right is the coupling shaft to the main engine.

Motores de SEMCA

Model: Noelle-60

Combustion chambers:
Power / Thrust: / ---

Other details: