Aerospace Engines A to Z
Aerospace Engines A to Z

Updated: 23-Feb-2024



SIEMENS ELECTRIC engine specifications

In 2015, Siemens presented an electric motor for aviation with important qualities. Among them the weight, being 50 Kg. It delivers a power of 348 CV at 2,500 rpm.

Siemens Electric, 348 hp motor
"348 CV motor"

-In the photo with a German four-blade propeller also from MT. Looking very good, we now see another photograph of the same presentation event.

Rear part view
“Rear part view”

At the rear we see the ventilated centrifugal cooling and the two connection strips.

-From the data indicated here we see that the power-weight ratio is very low. But we must not forget the use of batteries.

-It is a hybrid engine that can be charged in flight with the thermal engine. It's supposed to be based on the Chevy Volt.

From Appendix 12: New photograph of the electric motor that appeared this year (2016).

Electric motor connection
“Electric motor connection”

Side view of the installation
“Side view of the installation”

-It gives 261 kW of power at 2,500 rpm, weighing only 50 Kg, batteries apart.


Model: Electric motor 348 cv

Model: Hybrid motor


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