Aerospace Engines A to Z
Aerospace Engines A to Z

Updated: 08-Feb-2024

Showa-Hikoki-Kogyo-Kaisha, a company associated with the other Japanese companies Surnimoto and Furukawa.

-It was founded in 1937 to build aviation engines. We are looking for more information. The BMW-132 made under license is known.

From Appendix 9:  We have some images of the BMW 132 engine manufactured under license by this company.

BMW 132 by Showa
“BMW 132 by Showa

BMW 132 made by Showa, photo
“Photo of Showa's BMW 132”

Motores de SHOWA

Model: BMW 132 (Lic.)

Total Displacement:
Bore / Stroke: x

Other details: