Aerospace Engines A to Z
Aerospace Engines A to Z

Updated: 26-Nov-2022

In the USNA archives there is a record under the heading 3126/452.8 on the B-4 engine built by Rogers Aircraft Co. in 1923.

-It was built by Rogers Aircraft, located in Fort Worth, Texas, next to Dallas.

Rogers B-4 engine
“Rogers B-4 engine”

-It was the B-4 model that, as we can see, uses the Delco or battery ignition system.

-The characteristic that best defines this engine is that it was air cooled, but without fins on the cylinders.

From Appendix 10: We verified the information at the MAE, and it is confirmed that this engine was air-cooled without cylinder fins. It also got clear that both on the ground and in flight, the cooling was correct. We can show two views.

Rogers engine right side view
“Rogers engine right side view”

Front view of the Rogers engine
“Front view of the Rogers”

-This engine was well based on the automotive ones of 1923. Spare parts were very affordable and cheap.


Model: B-4

Total Displacement:
Bore / Stroke: x

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